Friday, March 11, 2016

bareMinerals -Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20

According to bareMinerals, this concealer effortlessly hides imperfections you don't want. Apply for redness and blemishes for weightless concealing that covers everything yet feels like nothing at all and protects skin with broad spectrum SPF 20. I believe that this concealer is very high coverage, however their website selections of skin tones are lighter than is demonstrated. Therefore, if you plan on purchasing a concealer from this makeup company choose a shade darker than you usually would. Another thing about this concealer that  would be f concern is that is a powder. This means that is would be best used by those with an oily complexion. Individuals with dehydrated skin would a appear very flakey and unappealing. If you still wish to use this product, I suggest you use a hydrating facial primer   or lotion. This product claims to last 8 hours through out the day, however when I wear it it doesn't not reach that length of time. I would suggest reapplying it every 2 - 3 hours. here are some tips.
Tip #1: Order a darker color if you purchase online.
Tip #2: If you have dehydrated skin, use a hydrating face primer or lotion to smooth the face.
Tip #3: touch up very 2 - 3 hours too keep the skin looking fresh. 


  1. OHH MY GOSHHHH!!!!!! This product is truly one of the best. I have HUGE bags under my eyes and this is the only concealer that has been able to hide them. Love your info girl!

  2. I wish i knew how to put make up on flawlessly!!

  3. I wish i knew how to put make up on flawlessly!!