Tuesday, March 1, 2016

L'Oreal Paris - True Match™ Lumi Cushion Foundation

L'Oreal Paris make company had released a new line of makeup called LUMI. The LUMI line is for those who are looking for a dewy finish of foundation. the first product from this line i will be reviewing the cushion foundation. Cushion foundations grew popular is most Asian countries, the trend has traveled to the United States. It is a sponge soaked in liquid foundation in a circular compact for travel reasons. It is accompanied with a puff to apply the foundation. The coverage is sheer to medium, which means that this foundation would be used for a more natural look. it is a build able coverage for those who need help covering imperfections such as acne scars. I had my doubts for this product because I have an oily complexion, since this has a dewy finish I was expecting it to be very greasy.  
The application process was easy, you dip the puff into the sponge and part it to the face instead of buffing in circular motions. it was greasy at first, however if you apply a translucent powder over, it absorbs all the oils. If you want a dewy finish then I don't suggest you apply a powder. I wore it through out the day and it lasted for a long time, which was a pleasant surprise because it is a drugstore makeup. Here are some tips:
Tip #1: Apply with a patting motion all over the face instead of rubbing in circular motions. This could cause the makeup to be uneven.
Tip #2: To build the coverage, let the foundation set then pat the sponge where you would want to blur imperfections.
Tip #3: If you do not want the dewy finish, you can apply a power so it can absorb all the oils. 
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  1. make up is so addicting! but its so nice to see a blog that speaks over makeup, unfortunately i dont know how to use this stuff so im happy to read this