Thursday, January 28, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Lustrous Lip Gloss

This limited-edition set contains eight best-selling Lip Gloss shades in one gift-ready box that retails for $40, for one of the glosses it retails for $16. This set contains a variety of glosses from opaque to sheer for whatever your preference may be for the day. They contain an extremely glamorous shine that accentuates your lips to appear fuller. The colors are vibrant and bold, also it has a very sweet scent. Almost like the smell of fresh baked sugar cookies.
The Colors :
Gilded: A metallic Champagne gold.
Sunset Strip: A fiery gold-flecked pink.
Dainty: An opaque retro pink.
Metallic Rose: A shimmery classic mauve.
Weekend Barbie: A vivid bright pink. 
Date Night: A romantic ruby red.
Socialite: A sophisticated scarlet red.
Black Cherry: A moody plum purple.
WARNING! THIS LIP GLOSS IS VERY MESSY. These lip glosses are glamorous but have a disadvantage. They are extremely messy. They have a very thick consistency that would leave you to believe it would stick to your lips through thick and thin. That is not the case, the gloss gets on everything it touches. I do not suggest wearing them when you will have a lot of activity, such as kissing (it will get all over your significant other.) However, if you're planning to go on a night out with your friends, this would be perfect. Here are some tips:
Tip #1 : They are very messy, do not kiss anyone while wearing these.
Tip #2: These glosses have a tendency to stain so BE CAREFUL!
Tip #3 : You can mix and match. Take the lip gloss and apply as normal, then for an ombre effect, add a lighter shade to the center of your lips then blend it by smacking them together.
Have a Beautiful Day!


  1. I'm not very much into make up but your blog seems very informational.

  2. I have never heard of that lip gloss before, sounds nice! I love how your blog looks like

  3. Your blog is super cute and chic! I love makeup and I'm really interested in your blog.

  4. i dont mind how messy they can be they look gorgeous. i love this blog because i am addicted to anything shiny and pretty. maybe try blogging outfit ideas and make together? sounds like a good idea to me hope you consider!