Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Limecrime Holiday Trio Review

The new limited addition Holiday Trio from the infamous Limecrime comes in three vibrant and beautiful colors: "Peacock", "Buffy", and "Beet it" (listed from left to right).
These are from the Veletine's collection. The valentines are a liquid lipstick formula that dries as a matte. In most liquid to matte lipstick it is rather drying to the lips. However, Limecrime's formula is the opposite. It is a buttery and silky feel for your lips that does not wear down throughout the day. The only disadvantage from my experience is natural dry lips. I suggest putting lip balm and/or using a lip scrub before applying this product. 
Another con that is from these lipsticks is during a meal. It is the most difficult to stray away from foods with oil. While I was eating Pesto Pasta, the lipstick had completely worn off and I had to re apply once again in order to maintain my makeup look that evening. So over all here are the tips that are necessary for wearing these Velvetines from Limecrime.
Tip #1: Apply lip balm and/or lip scrub before applying.
Tip #2: Apply by using a lip brush to have a crisp outline.
Tip #3: Do not eat oily food unless you are willing to reapply the product. 
Have a Beautiful Day!


  1. This blog is totally you!! Your writing really encompasses you're personality, and is also informational while entertaining!
    I'm already looking foward to next weeks post

  2. I love matte lipsticks, I have the Limecrime Velvetine in Cashmere. Great tip about applying chapstick before, I always forget!

  3. My favorite!!!! This lipstick looks good on anyone, this is awesome!

  4. I enjoyed reading this blog, it made me feel so girly and i felt very trusting of this product, not many people are sincere about what they are promoting. I also like the "tips" formatting. they are very helpful.